Event: Pilgrimage 2024

Support the 2024 Pilgrimage!

The Connection at St. Martin’s is delighted to announce that the annual 74-mile Pilgrimage from St. Martin’s to Canterbury Cathedral will take place from Friday 24th May – Monday 27th May 2024.

This picturesque four day walk in Chaucer’s footsteps from St. Martin’s along the Pilgrims Way covers 74 miles. The journey ends with a service at Canterbury Cathedral and there will be transport arranged to take you back to London.

During the Pilgrimage, you’ll get to meet a wonderful and diverse group of The Connection’s supporters, including some of the people The Connection supports. Some are rough sleeping and some are not. But everyone enjoys the spectacular countryside, the company of each other and the delicious food provided along the way! If you are able to make a donation to help cover the costs of the people that we support, your generosity would be greatly received. You can do so by clicking here and below!

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How can I get involved?

  • Donate
  • Share your experience and journey with friends and family members to raise valuable funds. By raising just £100 you could fund 4 full initial assessments for newly homeless people, creating their action plans and giving them access to hot nutritious meals, showers, laundry and GP services. Every supporter that reaches their fundraising goal ahead of the Pilgrimage will receive a special ‘Connection’ badge and there will be a prize for the highest fundraiser!

    This is what one participant said of their Pilgrimage experience:
    ‘I continue to go because the journey and the atmosphere is extraordinarily special & it feels so much more than just a sponsored walk and donating money. It’s always a very diverse group and we eat, talk, laugh and sometimes cry together but as one cohesive unit – and regardless of ethnicity or religion or the amount of blisters we might have, singing To Be A Pilgrim in Canterbury Cathedral Crypt on our last afternoon is immensely uplifting & exhilarating.’ – Clarissa

  • Sponsor
  • By sponsoring the rough sleeping clients who are walking in the journey.

  • Volunteer
  • If you are able to join our supporting team to help as a marshal, driver, or as a general helper (preparing refreshments and managing venues) in the Pilgrimage weekend, contact Eugene Ling, Pilgrimage Co-ordinator, on 020 7766 5555 or eugene.ling@cstm.org.uk. This event would not be possible without the support of our wonderful volunteers.

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    Bookings will close on Friday 3rd May 2024.

    Registration Fee: £50 per day.

    Concessions (£30 per day) are limited to 20 walkers, first-come, first-served. Concession rates are only for walkers with low incomes or financial support and are subsidised by The Connection. Please consider whether you can afford Early Bird or full rates when you book the place.

    Sounds great, how do I get involved?

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    In previous years the Pilgrimage has raised over £55,000 for our services, this year we hope to raise even more in our 4-day Pilgrimage weekend! For individuals wanting a target or an extra challenge, we are suggesting a target of £250, this could fund one person into employment, so they can leave the streets behind them for good.

    The Pilgrimage means so much to so many, one supporter who has experienced this is Deborah – ‘I became an on-line member of St Martin-in-the-Fields at the beginning of the lockdown in 2020. When the opportunity came to sign up to do the pilgrimage walk to Canterbury I leapt at it. The work of the Connection is so important in supporting homeless people and making a practical difference to their lives, and I wanted to do something more than just make a donation to offer my support. I see the pilgrimage as a way of raising funds, learning more about the Connection and undertaking a spiritual journey of pilgrimage with others. I expect – and hope – to be challenged in many ways.’

    For any questions, enquiries, or to find out more please contact Eugene Ling, Pilgrimage Co-ordinator, on 020 7766 5555 or eugene.ling@cstm.org.uk.

    About us

    Located in the heart of Westminster, we work in direct contact with people rough sleeping all year round. Being a local organisation, we don’t have the overheads that others do, and can promise you that 91p in every £1 will be spent on helping rough sleepers. Walking for us means you will be directly supporting the rough sleepers who need your help most, through our services which enable people to access housing, employment training, and professional support to overcome personal issues.

    We appreciate the support given from all of our walkers and fundraisers – thank you!

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