Welcome to The Connection

When your way is hard to find, and there’s nowhere left to turn, we are there.

At The Connection, we open our door to people looking for a place to call home. We support people sleeping rough in the heart of London, helping them to recover and find their way off the streets.

We get to know every person we work with, going the extra mile to understand their needs and hopes for the future, and being creative about finding help and solutions.

The journey can be long, and it’s not an easy path. But we take heart, we stick with people and we don’t give up, supporting them to find their own way home.

Help us make London a city where no one sleeps rough on our streets.

who we are - the connection Our vision: 
We believe that no one should have to sleep rough on London’s streets, and that everyone should get the support they need to find a place to call home. 

Our mission: 
We support people sleeping rough to find a way off London’s streets. 
We get to know every person we work with, understanding what they need to recover, helping them build on their strengths, and supporting them to find their own way home.

We work with people on their own terms, at their own pace and never make assumptions about their goals. This helps us build relationships with the people we support, having seen over 1400 people visit our centre in the last year alone.

In this time, we have supported 178 people in finding accommodation, 131 people to build their confidence in our activities groups and raised over £5.4 million to fund these efforts.

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But what we do goes deeper than statistics.

Everything we do centres on people, just like Sean.

Sean was 71 when he came to us in February 2020 just before lockdown.

He had been living in his car on and off for 20 years. Recently he moved into our supported accommodation where he has his first room in two decades. We are here to support him and so many others on their journey home.

Everyone we work with has their own story. Click here to find out more.

Watch our video to find out more about what we do…

As part of St Martin-in-the-Fields, we have been on the front line helping people in crisis for over one hundred years, right in the heart of Westminster – which has more people sleeping rough than anywhere else in the UK. Our history is part of who we are – we have decades of expertise and relationship building on our side.

We support and work with over 1,000 people on their journey away from homelessness each year. You can be apart of their journey too. Learn more here.

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